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Who We Are

Discovery Music Group provides branding, marketing, and promotional services for music artists, record labels, and festivals all around the globe. Making it in the music industry is a difficult but rewarding process if you know how to navigate it. This is why we have decided to pool our years of experience and collective skills together, to help you take your career to the next level.

In the music world, everyone is striving to showcase their talents. For people who want to make it in this industry, it can be difficult or even confusing, especially if you are just getting started. We offer a wide range of experienced agency members who are here to help you get the most out of your music career to transition you from an amateur artist to a professional. Working with us can help you to not only increase your fan base, but also make you more appealing to managers, booking agents and record labels.







The Discovery Music Group team offers a wide array of services including logo and cover artwork design, website development, and various other branding focuses. We also work to get you placed in prominent Spotify playlists, help you to navigate influencer marketing, and can mix and master your music so that your recordings always sound flawless. If it involves how you or your music are being presented to the public, we offer services to help you get the most out of it.

Our goal is to grow your career using our passion for music and years of music experience in combination with your talent. We want to promote you so that you can grow your fanbase and increase your brand recognition. Our team works with thousands of clients from around the globe, and every single time we start with a new client, we take pride in our ability and experience to focus on who you are, so your brand never looks like anyone else’s.

Discovery Music Group is open to all genres of music because we love music as much as you do. We know the music industry on a fundamental level, which is why we know who you need to be talking to and what your approach needs to be. We take pride in our network of music industry connections who are ready to help you grow your career, whether you’re a band or planning on being the next major electronic music artist.

Our Business

At Discovery Music Group, our team has worked on projects with multi-platinum artists such as The Chainsmokers and Flo Rida. The Spotify playlists we manage have over 300,000 active listeners. Several of our clients are successful on a global scale. Every day, we are looking for more talent to rise to the occasion.

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We Will Help You Succeed

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