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10 Reasons To Consider Influencer Marketing

As more time passes, the word “influencer” is starting to be thrown around in a lot of different contexts. An influencer is a relevant person on social media with a large following who can freely recommend products or services and have their followers automatically look into it. These people are the equivalent of everyday small-scale celebrities who people trust to tell them what is relevant for those who want to live like them. There are many different varieties of influencers, and they are now becoming the new face of easy marketing. Fortunately, music artists can utilize influencers in a broader capacity than most can because everyone loves music. This is why we have pulled together a list of reasons regarding why you should consider this modern new approach to marketing.

1. It’s Organic Advertisement

Influencers are people who can handle your advertising needs for you. While relying on your own social media announcements is a good start, getting featured in influencer content is pure organic advertisement. Fortunately, music artists have a much better shot at doing this successfully because music can be added to anything. It won’t matter if an influencer is singing along or uses it to back one of their videos. It’s an advertisement that doesn’t look like an advertisement.

2. Influencers Have A Pre-Built Audience

When you are trying to grow your fanbase, there are few things more important than getting in front of as many people as possible. For a music artist, you want as many people hearing your songs upon release as you can manage. This is what makes influencers so great because they have prebuilt audiences waiting on their posts. It means that someone might hear your music in a video or about it, even if they were looking for different content.

3. It’s Public Endorsement

The great thing about influencers is in their title. These are influential people whose social media users are relying on to show them what they will like. When you partner with an influencer, you are getting their seal of approval in a very public capacity. This is the equivalent of someone important sharing your music with thousands or hundreds of thousands of people. People take it seriously. If this person thinks your music is good, they will trust that.

4. You Can Get In Front Of Different Kinds Of Audiences

Music is unique because it can fit in so many different settings. This is why we see so many songs revised and reused in so many different contexts. This distinction means that you can work with a variety of different influencers types, which drastically increase your chances of reaching people. There are music influencers, lifestyle influencers, travel influencers and more. Chances are your music can be applied to several different kinds of influencers, allowing you to reach a much larger audience.

5. They Improve Your Visibility

In addition to getting a lot of people to listen to your music, working with prominent influencers is actually an effective way to boost your Google ranking. This means that you have a much better chance of people finding you, after remembering that awesome song an influencer played.

6. They Can Handle Your Multimedia Needs

You might be pretty set on only focusing on music, but in the modern age, people rely on multimedia interactions to get the majority of their interests. This makes it possible for you to not only get your music presented to new listeners, but presented in a well-marketed way that you can leverage as more complex advertisements that you don’t even have to make yourself.

7. Your Brand Becomes Affiliated With Modern Trends

When it comes to any artistic industry, there is always going to be a matter of staying relevant. Your music can’t just be good. It needs to be good, right here and right now. Working in a modern capacity like this can show people that you are up to date as an artist. It’s the social equivalent of having all of your shots.

8. It’s An Effective Way To Build Partnerships

The biggest perk that people tend to forget when it comes to working with influencers is that you’re building a partnership. Your music can be just as beneficial to their posts as it is for you to be featured in them. This is a great way to network and establish relationships for future deals. You might just find that your music aligns perfectly with an influencer’s aesthetic, or that other influencers want to work with you after hearing your music. Establishing these relationships can help you continuously grow your fanbase in an easy and comfortable way.

9. They Can Directly Increase Your Conversion Rate

A conversion rate considers the number of people exposed to your content and then how many look for more. Getting your music out there can make you more memorable and relevant, so people will likely trust that you’re good and listen to more of your music

10. It’s The Future Of Marketing

While you always want your brand to be true to you, the face of marketing is changing and successful people adapt to it. Using this method of marketing to share your music is a step towards staying relevant and changing with the times to get your music in front of the right people.


Social media influencers give artists a unique strategy when marketing their music. These individuals are trendsetters in the modern age, and if there is anything that you want to cash in on in order to boost your fans quickly, it’s being included with the right trend. Take the time to do your research regarding what prominent influencers that you want to be affiliated with, and also make sure that you look into their reputation. For a music artist, an influencer endorsement is a great way to share your music with the world. Remember, you lose nothing by reaching out and seeing if your music is a good fit.

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