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How To Approach Music Blogs & Get Featured

Getting featured on a music blog is a great way to expand your presence and grow your following. Music blogs are known for their influential role in the music community. A good blog can reach tens of thousands of potential fans, which can mean gaining a large amount of exposure for your career. Sometimes, being in the right place at the right time can have a domino effect that will boost your fan count and allow you to really grow as an artist. In order to get featured on a blog, you will want to put in some legwork to gain exposure. In this article, we will breakdown how you can approach music blogs and get your music featured.

Establish Yourself As A Professional

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to approaching music blogs is to establish yourself professionally. Though you might think that bloggers are casual because of their casual tone, the reality is that blogging is a business. For many people, it makes a lot of money and they take it very seriously. Blogging, just like music-making, is a career. When you approach a blogger, you must do so as one business professional speaking to another business professional. Send formal communication that shows them how serious you are. The last thing that they will want is to share an unprofessional or temporary artist with their fans.

Explain What You Are Hoping To Gain And Why You Are A Good Fit

When you approach a music blog, it is your way of entering a business transaction. In order for you to be featured on their blog, they will want to know why you deserve the space. Pursuing a blog is not simply a matter of picking a random blog and reaching out to them. You should know about their blog, know about their music style, and be able to explain why you are a good fit for their page.

A major mistake that many artists make is assuming that bloggers just want to share new music. That isn’t the case. When a blogger posts about you, it will permanently become a part of their brand. Don’t make the selfish mistake of assuming that you are a benefit to them simply because you are an artist. Make sure that you can outline exactly why they should feature you. Tell them what you are hoping to gain and why you think that you are also a beneficial fit for them. This will help them to understand why they should choose you over another artist.

Send Unreleased Exclusive Music

Though some music blogs handle reviews, others are more focused on the future of music. The best way to sell yourself as a new artist to a music blog is to offer them exclusive and unreleased music. This is a great way to capture their interest because it means that they will have access to content and information that the public doesn’t. Being able to share unreleased information or content is a great way to help benefit the blog that you are working with, and you may be able to schedule a blog post to be published live on release day.

Since working with a music blog is meant to be a mutually beneficial transaction, you want to have something to offer them. In exchange for them featuring you as an artist, you will allow them to be one of the few sources of information on your career. If your music is good and your career is growing, this kind of offering can really catch the attention of a music blogger. It gives them an obvious edge over the competition. As your audience grows, they can count on more traffic to their site.

Target Blogs That Cover Your Genre

A huge mistake that artists make when pursuing music blogs is failing to do their research. You don’t just want to spam every single music blog and hope that one of them says yes. Instead, look specifically for blogs that are focused on your genre in particular. In the end, this will save you time, and more importantly, it will save the time of bloggers who would not present you on their site for genre reasons. Bloggers talk, so don’t be the person who is spamming everyone with the same message and can’t be bothered to do their research.

Include A Press Kit

Every established artist needs a press kit. You will never find a prominent music artist that does not have a professionally made press kit created for the media. A press kit is a quick breakdown of your artist profile, what makes you special, why they should know you, and generally includes a few samples of your music as well. A good press kit makes it easy for you to present your brand professionally and should have all the information that a blogger needs to create a simple picture of you as an artist. In many ways, the press kit is what will win over an interested blogger because it is filled with relevant information. Take the time to craft yours and use the right tools to make it professional.

Never Mention Their Competitors

Name-dropping has always been and will always be frowned upon in any industry. The last thing that you want to do when pursuing a music blog is to mention their competitors. Under no circumstances should you brag about being featured on other blogs or tell them that you are interested in working with other prominent blogs in the industry. Not only is this in poor taste, but it is also telling them that there won’t be anything unique about working with you. Avoid it at all costs.


Music bloggers are a powerful force within the music industry and you should absolutely work with them. As you grow your brand, you will want to focus more on outreach in this kind of direction. Since you probably won’t be giving exclusive interviews to Rolling Stone or Forbes anytime soon, you should start small while you can. Music bloggers can give you great exposure and are an excellent way to reach other relevant figures within the industry. They are powerful allies and deserve your time, effort, and respect.

How Can We Help?

Discovery Music Group works with clients from around the globe and has multiple connections with the biggest music blogs in the industry. With years of experience in many styles of music, our team aims to help grow your music career by targetting the right blogs for you. Are you interested in hearing more? Head over to our Blog Placements service to learn more.