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Electronic Press Kit For Music Artists

How To Create An Electronic Press Kit For Music Artists

As you transition from an amateur musician who is passing their time at home to a professional musician who is gaining traction within the industry, an electronic press kit becomes something that you will undoubtedly need to have on hand. From the moment you first start promoting your music, you will want to make sure that you have a completely updated press kit to let people know all about you and your musical highlights. These kits are used to provide valuable insight into you as a music artist for people who are considering interacting with you in any way. This can be beneficial for a myriad of music industry contacts and is a great way to show that you have your focus in the right place when it comes to your career. Many artists worry about making a good electronic press kit, but it is a completely manageable project as long as you are willing to put in a little time and effort.

What To Include In Your Electronic Press Kit

The most important part of a press kit is undoubtedly the content. Making a good press kit can sometimes mean making a good first impression, so you will want to make sure that your kit is an accurate reflection of yourself, your music, and your qualifications. These focuses will help you to get the best responses to your kit, which can increase your credibility within the industry.

As far as content goes, you want to make sure that you include the highlights of your career as an artist. This means you will want to include your artist biography so people can learn about you quickly and easily. It also means that you will need to provide any relevant information like upcoming performances or tour dates. The general idea is that you will be providing the kind of information that people should know. This will include details about your history as an artist, the inspiration for your music, and what your music is known for. It’s important to paint an accurate image of yourself as an artist, so take the time and think about what you have accomplished and what you bring to the table. It can be helpful to consider what feedback you have gotten from fans or local press and incorporate that.

Beyond general content, you will also need to include relevant artwork or images. You can certainly decide what works best for you, but good options include headshots, album covers, logos, and any other kind of media material that you might deem relevant. This is a good place to put that magic image of you center stage with streams of light as a backdrop. Anything that you can do to show that you have a unique image. This can show those viewing your kit just how promising your career is going to be.

Contact information is another important part of your press kit because it will enable the people viewing your kit to get ahold of you. This is important if you’re sending it to a venue in hopes or performing or if you want to get some local coverage from a nearby news outlet. Making sure that these people can easily contact you will take you that much closer to getting through the door.

The most important element to include when it comes to your press kit is undoubtedly your music. While you won’t want to embed any files in this kit, you can certainly link the audience to your best tracks for them to review. Showing off the work that you are most proud of will help them to further understand you as an artist. This can be beneficial when it comes to getting the media on your side as your career progresses. Your top tracks should always be the ones that you are most known for. Choose the tracks that are known to get the audience moving or pull high streaming counts if you use an existing service.

Consider Quality and Design

When you make your press kit, it needs to be high quality. If you are looking for inspiration, you can find plenty of samples online. This will help you to find a starting point. Make sure that you follow good design rules and use appropriate colors, format everything well, and pick an easily readable font. Organizing your press kit so it looks like it was professionally made can take some time and tools, but if you want to be taken seriously in the music industry, you have to get this in order.

As you focus on the quality of your press kit, take time to make sure that every part is of good quality. This means only using high definition images and making sure that you choose a system to use that makes professional-looking kits rather than something made in Microsoft Paint. It should probably go without saying, but we are going to say it anyway, your music tracks need to be high quality when you send them out. Chances are the people who receive your kit will not be pleased if they receive a link to your SoundCloud that has songs that are poorly mixed and mastered.


A good electronic press kit can get you through the door in a lot of places. If people see that you are organized and presenting yourself well, they will be that much more interested in helping you to advance your career. Using a bad press kit or no press kit at all shows that you have not done your part in building up your own career and will likely stop people from listening to your music at all. The days of the unorganized rockstar who has an agent babysitting them nonstop are well and truly behind us. If you want to make it in the music industry, you need to enter it as a professional.

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