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Why Every Musician Needs A Website

Back in the day, a website was generally something that you didn’t get until your music label had one built for you. While that used to be the standard, times have changed and people who are striving to do anything professionally and don’t have a website for it are the outliers in almost every case. The modern age is a world where everyone has a website for something, and that is just one of the reasons why you should absolutely have a website as a music artist. Think of a website as your ultimate landing page.

Websites Are Information Hubs

A good website should be a complete collection of all relevant information for anyone who is looking for it. You will likely have different audiences in the form of fans, agents, labels, and more. Making sure that you have the content that all of these people will need in one convenient place is a great way to establish yourself as an artist. You’ll want to make sure that everything you have here can help your audience members to gather the information that they need from you, whatever that might be.

You Can Tell People Who You Are

When it comes to sharing information, a relevant bit of context to provide is your artist biography. Since people visiting this site will be looking for more information about you, it’s important to demonstrate who you are as an artist and what you are bringing to the table. Websites are great because they can allow you to expand on your artist bio. You can easily begin with your traditional bio and then include more relevant and interesting information below if you have anything that you think might help with your branding.

It Gives People A Way To Contact You

When you’re heading towards a career in the music industry, making sure that the right people can find you is absolutely necessary for your career advancement. This is a great way for you to give agents and labels a way to contact you, and you can even include relevant information options for fan mail to go to as you start to gain traction. Though you likely won’t want to include your cell phone number in this area, you will absolutely want to provide a professional email address for any inquiries. Providing this kind of information will make it easier for people to engage you.

You Can Use It To Drive Sales

A good website can be equipped with a variety of valuable tools that will be used to make you money and grow your audience. Depending on how you set your site up, you can easily help people to buy tickets for your next show or even stock up on some of the awesome merchandise that you have made. Adding an e-commerce feature or even just linking to the platforms that you’re actually using for these sales opportunities can be helpful. You can use this as a centralized location to reach all of the sales opportunities that you have lined up, which can make it easier for people to purchase from you.

You Can Keep People Up To Date On Your Career

A major selling point about having a website is that you can easily use it to keep everyone up to date about what you have going on. You can do this by posting frequent updates in a social media style feed or even by doing something more focused like blogging. The fact of the matter is that you will want to provide up to date information so your audience can watch your career as it processes. You can include important updates like a gig calendar or where you will be performing. You can post information about any bigger gigs that you might be playing and how fans can get tickets to come support you. This kind of information can be as professional or as personal as you want, but it should always be relevant for your audience. Don’t waste their time by posting random things. Make sure that every ounce of information on your profile brings value to the reader in some way.

You Can Direct People To Your Other Sites

Another great feature of a website is being able to centralize all of your different efforts in one place. You can easily use your website to link people to your social media pages, YouTube performances, or music on any streaming service such as Spotify and Apple Music. Helping your fans to be able to find everything related to you is a great way to keep them engaged.

It’s A Professional Requirement

Creating a good website for you and your audience can help you to show that you are a professional artist and you absolutely mean business. You can enjoy the process of showing off your many efforts, how established you are, and how much hard work you are putting into building your brand up. Making sure that you have a well-designed and functional website is a great way to demonstrate to agents and music labels that you are looking towards the future and committed to getting the most out of your career. No one wants to sign a lazy music artist that will need to have their handheld. In this day and age, ambition is a prerequisite to true success.


The benefits of having a good website drastically outweigh the process of having to make one. Using your website, you can attract more attention and find a better way to connect with people within the music industry. You don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed trying to figure out how to build a website. You’re just one website builder and a few hours away from pulling the website of your dreams together. With a little extra work, you’ll find that you are ready to get the most out of your website and proudly show it off. Just don’t forget to post the link on your social media bio!

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