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How To Get Your Music Playlisted On Spotify

As far as streaming services go, Spotify is generally considered to be the best of the best. As of 2019, it has 217 million users, and it’s probably safe to assume that, as a music artist, you would be thrilled to have less than 1% of those users listening to your music. This platform is huge when it comes to not only reaching an audience, but also giving them an easy way to share your music. A huge part of getting your music to the right audience is getting featured in the right playlists. Playlists are an effective way to get your music in front of a lot of people at once, especially if you manage to get featured on a popular playlist. Knowing how to get playlisted on Spotify is an important part of making sure that your music can reach plenty of listeners.

Managing Your Spotify Image

When someone looks at your profile on Spotify, you want them to look at you and see a polished artist who is taking their craft seriously. Having a good profile in place can build your brand credibility and make people even more curious about what kind of music you are bringing to the table. This is a way to give your fans a little more insight into who you are as a person and artist.

The major components of a Spotify profile are your biography, avatar (profile picture), banner/header, and image gallery. If you can nail down these components, no one has to know that you just started out and are working from your high school bedroom, your image is key here. For your bio, you want it to be concise and well-written. Remember that this is your artist biography, not a social media biography. Include a little bit of your backstory, accomplishments, something interesting, and what kind of music you make. For your profile picture, you will want to either use your avatar, a picture of yourself, or your logo. Banner images are what will act as a header on your artist profile when people click into it, so you will want to make sure that you have a good one and that it features something related to your music. Do not be overly generic here, and make sure your images are all high quality. Not every artist has an image gallery, but if you have professional images that match your brand, you can put them here in order to give people more insight into what you have to offer.

Getting Verified On Spotify

In the digital age, getting verified is an important way to prove to people that you are, in fact, the real deal. While you used to have to fill out an application, Spotify now makes it easy for you to become verified using Spotify for Artists. This process will not only show people that you have been verified as an artist, but it will also unlock some key features around branding including image control, biographies, and playlist pitching. You’ll even unlock some fancy statistics that will help you to grow your audience and engage them more effectively. All you have to do is go to and go from there with a few quick and easy steps.

Getting Your Music Into Playlists

After you have become a verified artist, you can begin to get your music in front of playlist editors and curators. Using Spotify for Artists, you can submit unreleased music to playlist editors so that they can begin to prepare for where your music might fit. If they like what you send, you just might find yourself featured in a major playlist that can get your music in the ears of millions of people.

Beyond using the features within Spotify for Artists, you can reach out to other playlist curators to get your music on playlists that have a lot of listeners. These playlists normally update on a frequent basis with new songs which is a benefit because it gives you a higher chance of your music being featured on the playlist. You can send these curators a professional email explaining why you think your music will fit their playlist sound and a little bit about yourself. The Discovery Music Group playlists have over 300,000 active listeners, and you can submit your music for consideration here.

Balancing Social Media And Spotify

Though getting your music on this streaming platform is important so people can listen to your music, you also need to have a presence on other social media pages. Your listeners will likely check to see if you have a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram if they want updates regarding what you are working on. Being active in multiple places can show people that you are dedicated to your music and don’t plan on only releasing a couple of good songs and then vanishing. Social media also allows you to engage your audience and share what playlists you are being featured on. This will lead people to your music and can inspire them to check out what you have to offer. Being able to provide users with a Spotify link on your social media profile will make it easy for people to look into what your music is all about.


For a modern music artist, Spotify is an amazing platform to help you get your music to a broader audience. Spotify is something that so many people use, it seems impossible that you can’t find your target audience there. Using Spotify and their playlists can help you to grow your followers, make royalties, and share your music easily on a recognizable platform. With a little extra legwork, you can take your tiny music career and grow it into something special that can get you represented by major record labels.

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